Writing a jofoc sole

Describe the major features of the Federal Acquisition process. Solicitation Phase 4: Benefits of Single Source Single-source contracts are useful because they provide business owners with an alternative.

It is much better to justify the "one responsible source" than to cause the Program Office insurmountable problems after delivery.

The Difference Between a Single Source & Sole Source for a Contract

It is intended not only to ensure that EPA's acquisitions comply with these directives, but also to foster quality in planning for, acquiring, and managing FIP resources. Additionally, FIP resources can be acquired under the small purchase program when the items cost less than the small purchase threshold of FAR Part Identify the purpose of the solicitation and award phase.

I ; Oversight and Compliance Support Staff. Provides requirements related to the product or services deliverable. Define market research and list possible techniques 2. O' Technological changes and trends. O Factors that affect market prices. As a result, this guide addresses FIP resources in terms of five basic categories of equipment, software, services, support services, and related supplies.

For example, at a number of locations in the United States, GSA requires agencies to use consolidated local telecommunications service unless such consolidated service cannot meet an agency's requirements.

Appendix D lists references for each step, enabling the reader to further research the activities involved in the step.

How to Write Off Things for a Sole Proprietorship

Assure that purchased supplies and services are: The rationale for this preferential treatment is that a healthy small business community is essential for the preservation of the nation's free enterprise system. In addition, you must prepare written notification for submission to Congress at least 30 days before contract award.

The process presented in this model is geared toward acquisition by contract, however, the initial planning and analyses conducted during the early stages is relative to all acquisitions, regardless of the method or source.

In accordance with FAR 3. WBS involves breaking the overall requirement into major phases or tasks that represent a logical, and usually chronological, division of the work effort. In this case, the need for the requirement is so compelling that it is best to-forego the competitive procedures in order to act timely.

The Difference Between a Single Source & Sole Source for a Contract

This subpart implements and supplements FAR Subpart 3. Early coordination with OAM is vital to a smooth acquisition. Once the contract has been awarded, the CO normally delegates the responsibility for certain functions such as monitoring the contractor's progress, tracking costs, and inspecting and accepting deliverables to the client PO.Inspector General for Tax Administration’s Fiscal Year Annual Audit Plan and addresses JOFOC Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition be considered noncompetitive if the award was made directly as a sole-source contract to one firm.

However, if the. A listing of sources, if any, that expressed, in writing, an interest in the acquisition. We have just recently reached out to sources to inquire about the availability of this line.

(5) An agency may not award an 8(a) sole source contract for an amount exceeding $22, unless the contracting officer justifies the use of a sole source contract in writing and has obtained the necessary approval under the Federal Acquisition Regulation. JOFOC The IRS Office of Information Technology Acquisitions (OITA) negotiated a sole source contract for DynaTouch Kiosk Software Maintenance to DynaTouch of Broadway, San Antonio, TX The DynaTouch software maintenance is needed to support taxpayers finding services on librariavagalume.com using secure computer workstations.

The IT and Telecom category includes products and services to support DHS’s IT and Telecommunications needs. The IT and Telecom category encompasses subcategories that include communications and telecom solutions, IT Services, IT Software, and IT Hardware.

This subpart establishes Chapter 15, the Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulation (EPAAR), within Title 48, the Federal Acquisition Regulations System.

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Applicability. The FAR (48 CFR chapter 1) and the EPAAR (48 CFR chapter 15) apply to all EPA acquisitions as defined in Part 2 of the FAR, except where expressly excluded.

Writing a jofoc sole
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