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The authors have conducted their research through their partnership and collaboration with Cambridge University and other intellectuals from other colleges or universities. Richard then led the Crusaders on an advance toward Jerusalem. Second, the character of Saladin and the reasons, motivations, and causes behind historical events mentioned in the book were primarily based from the points of view and perspectives of Ali, perhaps from other sources and references that he read or saw about Saladin.

Saladin and the Fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. While he was occupied in besieging Aleppo, on May 22, the elite shadowy assassin group "Hashshashins" attempted to murder him.

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His strength was growing just when Ayyub, Nur al-Din, and Amalric died in quick succession. The crusader army, made up of most of the available knights in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, began their march on July 3, The war-weary Saladin was furious and disconcerted.

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There were two competing superpowers in the east that wanted to gain control of this resource rich country: The final confrontation between Saladin and Richard came in July Other critics have centered their studies on the way in which contemporary sources have been utilized or ignored by modern writers.

In retaliation, Saladin besieged Kerak, Raynald's fortress in Oultrejordain, in and It was his vision—together with luck and military skill—that enabled him to begin a quest for Muslim unification that would bear fruit many years later. He won the admiration of followers and enemies by his bravery.

From Tyre, Christian forces, reinforced by the soldiers of the Third Crusade —encircled Muslims in Acre, destroyed the bulk of the Egyptian navy, and, under the leadership of Richard the Lion-Heart, captured the city and slaughtered its Muslim defenders.

Cambridge University Press, Saladin, like Nur al-Din, was pious.

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Much to the dismay of the year-old Saladin, the reinforcements of Philip and Richard broke the Muslim forces defending Acre by the summer of His army then disbanded. Such an attack, however, was not undertaken. Legend tells that Richard only had a few men with him when he came back to regain Jaffa.

The negative was that his policy permitted the crusaders time to regroup and refortify two cities south of Tripoli—Tyre and Ashkelon.

Today, Saladin is remembered a great war leader who conquered an empire and drove invaders out of his homeland. Muslim-held Acre, after a long siege, was finally given up in Saladin also created trading ties with Italian merchants, providing markets for Egyptian goods in Europe.

However, the authors seemed to be academics who were interested in reading and researching about the life of Saladin. He kept little money, acting instead as caretaker for the whole Muslim community; the proper function of wealth, he believed, was to further the aims of Islam.

Salah-al Din Yusuf ibn-Ayyub, known to westerners as Saladin, was born in in the town of Tirkit, Mesopotamia, to a Kurdish family. After a day of prayer, Saladin and his troops were ready to face the Crusaders as they poised for an attack on Jerusalem.

He altered the tax structure in Egypt and elsewhere to conform to Koranic instructions, and he supported higher education. This treaty violation infuriated Saladin. A few months later, Shirkuh died and Nur ed-Din appointed Saladin as the new vizier.

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Saladin consolidated power in Egypt by getting rid of Fatimid commanders and substituting loyalists; uprisings continued in the provinces for some years, but finally Fatimid rule was abolished. While they were in the midst of their preparations for departure Saladin was born. His only chance of safety from his pursuers was in reception into the impregnable fortress.

There were shortages of food in the city, since the Battle of Hattin occurred during the harvest. These were the reasons why it would most likely draw the attention of readers, as opposed to the one-stranded and formal approach of authors and researchers in writing most books about history.

Recognizing that warring local rulers and political forces had enabled the crusaders to establish control over the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean and Palestine, Saladin sought to unify Iraq, Syria, and Egypt under his control.

He never broke his word, a virtue which his opponents made use of, but did not imitate. After the Battle of Hattin, Saladin, following the predominant military theory of the time, moved rapidly against as many of the weak Christian centers as possible, offering generous terms if they would surrender, while at the same time avoiding long sieges.

The Damascus-Cairo axis was all-important to Saladin as he set out on a jihad to drive the Franks from the region. Saladin's efforts in these campaigns were highly successful.Saladin (/–) was a Muslim military and political leader who as sultan (or leader) led Islamic forces during the Crusades.

Saladin’s greatest triumph over the European Crusaders. Read this essay on Saladin Questions. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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Saladin Essay - Saladin Jusuf ibn-Ayyub, famously known as Saladin, was born inon the bark of the River Tigris, which is between Iran and Iraq.

Saladin Essay

Even though he was a Kurd by birth, he was an Arab by culture. Free Essay: Saladin Jusuf ibn-Ayyub, famously known as Saladin, was born inon the bark of the River Tigris, which is between Iran and Iraq. Even. Saladin’s success in uniting the Syrian military classes was due to a number of factors, not the least the force of his own personality: he famously exhibited Arab and Islamic virtues of military prowess, bravery, piety, largesse, and integrity.

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