How did english settlement differ from spanish french dutch settlements

This meant that while Chesapeake and Carolinas were transforming huge tracts of land to produce tobacco and rice for market, New England and Middle Colony farmers were growing cereals and staples similar to what they would be growing in England, and producing items for local trade.

Earliest Massachusetts towns had nucleated settlement with outlying fields and common pastureland at the time when pastures were being fenced and enclosed in old England.

Communal possession of the colony's land was discarded. Both Spanish and French had considerable trade with Native population and contacts resulted in substantial metis and mestizo populations.

How were the spanish settlements in the americas different from the english and french settlements?

Desire to live close together meant concentrated settlement--in 17C town held all land and dispersed it according to need. As in Caribbean, scarcity of labor led to importation of African slave population, as well as to use of indentured labor and headright system to encourage population growth.

The English colonies were ruled by the monarch of England and also high ranking individuals Share to: The Pequot War destroyed the Pequot tribe. At some point Michillimackinac was evacuated for fear of the large meti community there, and the English built an extensive fort on the island in the straits.

They may not have done it intently but there is evidence proving that the Vikings were there centuries before Columbus. Earliest English settlers in Carolinas came from Barbados where they had run sugar plantations along Spanish model with African slaves. Of course, family farms grouped around religious community was main pattern in 17C New England.

Quebec City, Canada is the first. The town at Michillimackinac was an extremely vital link in the fur trade, and yet archaeological evidence Walthal - French Colonial Archeology suggests it was barely even palisaded and only a very small garrison ever lived there. The English were mostly Puritans, who were very harsh religious settlers.

Smoking had become a fad in England, with King James describing it as "loathsome," harmful to the brain and dangerous to the lungs. Was "breadbasket" of Colonial America like Iowa or Kansas today.

They did not get along with any of the Native Americans, and killed millions of them, as well as drove them westward to get out of their "new territory. By contrast, family farm with children providing labor rather than slaves or indentures became prevailing mode of agricultural production in English middle colonies and New England.

Augustine in present day Florida was the first established Spanishfort. New Netherland produced immense wealth for the Dutch, and other foreign nations began to envy the riches flowing out of the Hudson River Valley.

Unlike New York City and Albany, however, where the traces of colonization can be difficult to find, in Kingston, the history of New York's Dutch colonization is quite evident.

I'll let you look that up yourself; if you're writing homework you'll have to know more about it. Stuyvesant became a whirlwind of activity, issuing edicts, regulating taverns, clamping down on smuggling, and attempted to wield the authority of his office upon a population accustomed to a long line of largely ineffective Director Generals.

War broke out, with the Pamunkey resorting to guerrilla warfare. But mismanagement was also at fault, the Virginia Company having dumped settlers on shore without provision for food or shelter.


And the following year the colony had its first public library, with donated books. Biggest difference between New England and colonies to the south was that while Chesapeake and Carolinas were in many ways extension of commercial revolution of early modern england, puritan settlements were not only an extension of it Massachusetts Bay Company but also a reaction against it.

Kinship, even vague relationships like babysitters, was absolutely necessary to engage in trade. The first barrels of cured tobacco reached England inand, by50, pounds were being shipped annually.

The colonists burned the Pamunkey's cornfields, and the Pamunkey managed to kill settlers. Everything was shippedback to the Motherland-- if you were in control. They reconstructed their homes behind a foot high wall made of tree trunks pounded into the ground that created a perimeter of about x feet.The Dutch were different.

They sent men to America to exploit resouces and bring them back to the came for a time, then they were replaced by someone.

Unlike Spanish, French, and Dutch colonies, which accepted intermarriage and cross-racial sexual unions with native peoples (and, in Spain's case, with enslaved Africans), English colonies attracted both males and females who rarely intermarried with either native peoples or Africans, leading to the development of a rigid racial hierarchy.

The French intermingled with the Indians in a way neither the Spanish nor English did. While the situation at Montreal and Quebec were somewhat different, the frontier settlements were very much integrated, if you'll excuse the anachronism.

Comparing Settlement Patterns: New Spain, New France, New England Early Spanish, French, & English permanent settlements tried to transplant European forms into the "new world" environment, in the effort to make the.

colonies. Rapid growth due to liberal immigration policies. By Virginia had approxi-mately 1, settlers. By total population in the English colonies had grown to million; this included large proportions of German and French.

Originally friendly; early colonists relied on Native Americans for trade and for help with survival.


Dec 10,  · Compare and contrast the Spanish, French, and English settlements in North America.? Why did the Spanish, French, Dutch, and English pursue contrasting methods of settlement?

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What were the Sim. and Diff. between Spanish, French, and English colonization in America?Status: Resolved.

How did english settlement differ from spanish french dutch settlements
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